How to Choose the Right Colors for your Kitchen

popular kitchen color

It’s time to renovate your kitchen. But how do you choose the colors that will really bring out your sense of style? Choosing kitchen colors can be based on many things: the size of the kitchen, your style, the wood and counters, and even current trends.

Small kitchens do better with light colors. Larger kitchens may experiment with darker colors. If your fixtures are warm (bronze or gold) then you may want your colors to be warm (yellow or red). If your fixtures are cool (steel or nickel) you may want cooler colors (white or blue).

Before painting, always use color swatches to see exactly what your color will look like. Let’s look at some of the most popular colors to paint a kitchen.

Popular Kitchen Colors

You’ve probably seen a lot of kitchens in what people now call “millennial gray.” That’s actually being phased out now in favor of bolder colors. 

Kitchen Color Trend: Dark and Moody

If you like a classic feel and have a large kitchen, consider building atmosphere with a dark, moody color, such as crimson. Pair this with deep mahogany or ebony cabinets.

Kitchen Color Trend: Dark Grey

Dark grey is a spin on the millennial neutral trends. A darker grey will have some character to it, though it will also make a smaller kitchen feel a little more oppressive. In a small kitchen, limit the darker colors to an accent wall. 

Kitchen Color Trend: Muted Blue

Muted blues are calming and relaxing, often best paired with a clean and crisp white. Muted blue works well with light cabinets, such as a light golden maple or a naturally finished pine. 

Kitchen Color Trend: Black and White

Go ultra modern with a black and white kitchen. If you want a really compelling design, pair this with bright appliances, such as a red microwave or teal KitchenAid mixer. 

Kitchen Color Trend: Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are perfect for a cozy, comfortable family kitchen. Open up the windows and add sheer, gauzy curtains to let natural light in. During the day, the natural light will brighten the room.

Kitchen Color Trend: Dark Wood Tone

Dark woods great a kitchen with character. You can pair with light counters if you want to open up the kitchen and dark counters if you want something a little more sombre. A rich, dark wood with a lot of grain works to add character.

Kitchen Color Trend: Teal

Teal is supremely fashionable and one of the most popular kitchen trends, usually paired with light cabinets such as a natural golden maple. White is also popular for trim. 

Kitchen Color Trend: Light Wood Tone

Light woods are an excellent choice for an airy and open kitchen. Use woods that have a compelling grain pattern if you want to add character without deepening the color.

Kitchen Color Trend: Muddy Green

A muddy green kitchen is natural and cozy, often best paired with live plants such as windowsill herbs. Mix it up with colors such as a bright orange if you want something that’s unforgettable and compelling.

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