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Different Types of Countertop Edges

countertop edges

If you are thinking of getting new countertops for your kitchen, you might want to put some thought into the countertop edges.

To get the countertops of your dreams, go through the pros and cons of each type of countertop edge before your countertop manufacturer asks you to decide on them.

Types of edges for countertops

Here are some standard edging options for countertops that can make your countertops stand out.


The square edge countertop is the simplest as it has straight 90-degree edges that give a streamlined look to your kitchen. The edges usually have a softer finish to avoid injury from bumps and prevent the chipping of the edges and corners.


A softer square edge is called a round over or eased edge and can be a great option to offer a clean, streamlined look to a modern kitchen.


The beveled edge style has two 45-degree bends providing an eye-catching design for your countertops. Light reflects from the angles, providing a gem-like contrast that enhances the look of your countertop.

Beveled countertops are easy to clean as the angled edges allow liquid to spill on the floor than toward your cabinetry. Also, it is easy to wipe the countertop mess off the sloping countertop edges.

Countertop cuts with beveled edges can be categorized based on the angle of the edges as follows:

  • Small beveled: When the angle of the bevel is about ¼ inch and does not go deep into the countertop edge, it is known as a small or quarter bevel. It is an excellent option for small kitchens.
  • Large beveled: When the beveled angle is about ½ inch wide and shaves a wider angle from the corner, it is known as a half bevel or wide bevel.


The bullnose edge countertop rounds off the sharp countertop edges. It gives it a soft semicircular edge resembling the letter ‘ U’ on the side. The edge is safe for small children as it protects against sharp corners, and the smooth edges also prevent chipping, extending their lifespan.

One drawback is that spills on the countertop can trickle down the curved edge to the cabinetry below.

  • Half-Bullnose: The style has a rounded outer edge and a flat bottom edge. The rounded edge keeps it safe from injuries, while the flat bottom edge helps clean spills easier.
  • Demi-Bullnose: Similar to half bullnose, the curve of its rounded outer edge is much more gradual.


The style of this countertop edge gives the illusion of a much thicker countertop slab. It can be a great addition to a contemporary countertop design.


A classic edge with dramatic flairs, the countertop edge details can make your kitchen stand out as elegant and luxurious.


The different types of edges for quartz countertops are the square and eased edges, beveled edges, bullnose edges, and ogee edges for an elegant look.

The different edges for granite countertops are beveled, large and small, and square edges. The most popular edge is the half bullnose, which is easy to clean and looks great in a modern and contemporary kitchen.

Find Your Countertop Designer and Fabricator for Your Dream Kitchen

Now that you have a fair idea about the different countertop edges available, you can decide on the one that matches your lifestyle and decorating preference. Take time to find a countertop designer and fabricator who can create the countertops that match your dream kitchen.



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