Kitchen Drawers for Efficient Organization

kitchen with white cabinets and floating vinyl flooring

Kitchen drawers have gotten a bad, but probably well-deserved, rap over the years.

As much as we try to keep their contents organized, it’s so easy for things to get out of control and become downright chaotic quickly, whether they include silverware, kitchen gadgets or rubber bands, twist-ties, or a few old keys. (It’s OK to admit this, you’re among friends.)

Junk drawers certainly are a usual suspect, but many of us have other drawers in our kitchen that easily get overwhelmed with various utensils and other kitchen goods. The idea of efficient kitchen drawers seems crazy.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if there are kitchen items which can go in drawers and improve organization, overall aesthetics and keep your kitchen drawers efficient?

The answer might be your dishes.

As unorthodox as it might sound to those who have ideas about how the optimal kitchen should be arranged, the concept does have some merit, and it’s also being seen in more and more modern kitchen makeovers.

In many homes, your dishes live in the regular kitchen cabinets, or at least the regular ones do. The nicer stuff may go in the special cabinet or a hutch.

It sometimes requires some stretching along with some upper arm strength to pull more than one dish down at a time, such as a stack. You may even need a footstool sometimes to get to some of the higher items.

 But, as we’ve mentioned, that’s the arrangement that many of us think our kitchen is supposed to be arranged.

But putting your dishes in drawers has some surprising advantages and can also keep your kitchen esthetics unchanged.

Doing so is easy on the arms. You just reach down and grab whatever you want. Or you can even squat down, which is also easy on your back.

Moving to efficient kitchen drawers is a good use of space and makes it easily accessible to get whatever items you want. It might be easy on your dishes as well, since you won’t have to try to juggle too many items at once and worry about slipping or dropping some. You can pull them out one at a time and put them on the counter.

Since people use their dishes so frequently, putting them a drawer makes them easy to pull in and out, whether it’s preparing them or then cleaning them and putting them back when the meal is done.

Because dishes are all similar in shape and size, you won’t run the risk of the drawers getting out of control or unorganized. You can also get deeper drawers for this purpose and know they only hold your dishes. It makes a simple and easy solution for kitchen drawers efficiency. 

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