How to Add Storage to Kitchen Island

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For all of us who enjoy cooking, optimizing our kitchen space can be an exciting and rewarding home renovation project. So, if you want to maximize the use of your kitchen, consider the idea of expanding your kitchen island storage. The kitchen island is an important centerpiece of any kitchen, acting as an accessible, attractive, and functional landing point. It can be both stylish and practical for storing items.

3 Kitchen Island Storage Ideas

There are several ways to optimize your kitchen island storage space. Consider these three storage ideas for your kitchen island:

modern kitchen with blue and white cabinets and large kitchen island
modern kitchen with blue and white cabinets and large kitchen island

1)Transform a kitchen island with drawers and cabinets below

This is the first option that many homeowners consider when creating kitchen island storage space. Because a kitchen island must stand over something, hollowing out the middle, and creating a whole hidden world of under-island storage makes great practical sense.

Creating drawers and cabinets below the island can be helpful for not only storing pots, pans, trays, and appliances but also pet food. Under-island storage is also a handy place to have a cutlery drawer. Aesthetically speaking, “below” kitchen island storage space is also perfect for housing elegant wine bottles in designated wine storage cabinets, which are often placed on the side of the kitchen island.

2) Showcase a kitchen island with cabinets above

Creating cabinets above your kitchen island (perhaps in conjunction with a “vent” over the stovetop) is another useful option, particularly if your kitchen has tall ceilings.

A common use of overhead kitchen island cabinets is the “open shelving” or visible shelf style, which allows you to not only put stored items above your island, but also beautiful displays. Open shelving provides an ideal place to showcase your cookbooks too.

3) Add functionality with trash and recycling storage

Perhaps you want things to be even more practical. Many kitchen islands can have a hidden pull-out compartment cabinet where you’re able to open the cabinet and deposit your trash and recycling. The enclosure design prevents odors from filling the air, unlike having an open trash can in your pantry. When the pull-out trash compartment is near your food prep area, it helps make cleanup a breeze.

If you would like to make this hidden area your storage for trash, you can optimize it by also including pet products, such as “poo poo” plastic bags, dog food and treats, kitty litter, cleaning supplies, compost materials, or backyard maintenance supplies.

rustic kitchen with island
rustic kitchen with island

Custom Options to Fit Your Dream Kitchen Island

If you’re looking to add storage to your kitchen island in Phoenix, contact our team of experienced home design and installation experts. We offer custom cabinets and countertops with a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any home.

Whether you love cooking or are less of a fan, your kitchen should be designed to work efficiently for you. After picking out your favorite approach from the above three kitchen island storage ideas, enjoy reviewing beautiful cabinet designs at your nearest showroom.

Stop by one of our showroom locations in the Pheonix area or give us a call for more information on how you can get the kitchen island storage of your dreams at an affordable price.