Bathroom Technology Ideas for Ultimate Luxury

luxurious bathroom with smart toilet, LED mirror, and soaking tub

As technology becomes more and more part of overall home design, bathroom designs that exude luxury and impart a variety of technologies are also growing in popularity. In fact, there are currently 52.2 million smart homes currently existing in the United States. Of those, you can be sure that some technology features are found within the confines of the bathroom. The following are some of the best high-tech, smart home ideas for creating the ultimate luxurious bathroom:

Smart Toilets

Starting off the list of smart home bathroom ideas is a much-desired feature according to YouGov and surveys. Of those surveyed, more than 2,000 Americans listed smart toilets as the feature they most wanted to incorporate into their bathroom renovation. Smart toilets include devices that have touch-free automatic lids, speakers that play your favorite music, seat warmers, and night lights. They are also designed in a more compact package, meaning they take up less space in the room.

Smart Health Scale

The smart scale is yet another addition to the modern bathroom. It keeps track of information, such as your body fat percentage, body composition, water percentage, heart rate, and bone and muscle mass. In other words, it gives you a much clearer and more accurate picture of your overall health when compared to the traditional bathroom scale.

Touchless Taps, Soap Dispensers and Faucets

There are many reasons to love automatic features in the bathroom, whether they be in the form of a faucet, tap, or soap dispenser. One reason is obviously that touchless is more sanitary. This allows a family to share a bathroom without sharing as many germs. It also can help reduce water and soap waste by measuring the amount of water and/or soap that is used. Some smart faucets even warm the water automatically.

Heated Floors

Speaking of warmth, another way to incorporate luxurious technology into your bathroom design is through heated floors. This is also called radiant floor heating. These floors utilize thermal radiation technology to create heat, ensuring that your feet don’t feel cold when you step onto tile right out of a hot shower.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

The bathroom is the perfect location to practice those intense vocals thanks to the amazing acoustics. Therefore, of course, you will want to incorporate waterproof speakers of some sort into your new bathroom design. Then, enjoy your tunes or podcasts while you shower and get ready for the day.

luxurious bathroom with TV and smart toilet

Bathroom TV

There are many ways to incorporate a TV into your modern bathroom design. You can choose from various waterproof options including those that are hidden or embedded in mirrors or those that feature fog-resistant screens.

Chromotherapy Shower Head

Creating a spa-like luxurious environment is possible through the implementation of a chromotherapy shower. This utilizes a visible spectrum of colors to theoretically cure disease through electromagnetic radiation. A chromotherapy showerhead has LED lights that transmit colors while you shower. It can also be paired with wireless speakers for a multi-sensor shower experience. This tech can also be installed in tubs for a bathing version of these effects.

LED & Digital Display Mirror

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about one of the coolest features of all–the LED & Digital Display Mirror. Install this and enjoy features like a defogger, Wi-Fi connectivity, LED lighting, a digital display that showcases the date & month as well as the temperature and more, all right in your bathroom mirror.

Consider the above bathroom devices to incorporate into your modern luxurious bathroom to create your own version of heaven on earth.