Must Have Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Remodel

Many of us thought the black-and-or-white kitchen was going to be around forever.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much time and effort you dedicated to making your kitchen white and shiny or black and shiny.

Best Kitchen Designs in 2023

But kitchen design idea experts are predicting that while shiny is always good, color palettes will be expanded in 2023.

People trying to plan ahead and start plotting out a new, trendy look should think in terms of warmer colors, especially blues, greens and aquas. Think something stronger than a pastel, but something warmer too.

These colors are expected to stick around for a few years and be welcomed for those who like these colors and want to bring in various elements to match these colors. We may not go all the way back to the 1970s with colors that clash (orange and avocado?) but people do like the idea of experimenting.

This “no more white” kitchen design idea theme is in keeping with a general “no more…” trend, which indicates people are ready for a change in one of the more popular rooms in their home.

So, look for things like “no more faux finishes” and more natural surfaces and natural stone. Or “no more high cupboards and cabinets” and instead more open shelving. This can make it easier to reach items as well as for some items never being used, since they’re up so high no one likes to get them.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Generally, a lot of the kitchen design ideas include more freedom to put things where you think they look best and less absolutes.

Other trends to watch include:

  • New places for appliances. Many homes have the microwave mounted over the range, which contains your cooking area to one space. But it can sometimes be tricky to get items in and out, especially hot goods, or challenging if you’re cooking on the stove at the same time. Now, some of the kitchen design ideas show that a microwave can go anywhere you want – on the counter, by the cabinets. Some kitchens even have a floating microwave that can be concealed in a counter but brought up as needed. Similar appliances like mixers can also be concealed.
  • Divided space. Some larger kitchens are now having different sections added to them, where certain types of products or items are stored. Instead of cramming all your coffee items into one cupboard or space on the counter, maybe make a mini-pantry for all your coffee paraphernalia – mugs, machines, beans, and more. People who entertain can have several walk-in pantries with different supplies and common items.
  • Better backsplashes. Stone slabs have been used for counters and islands, but only recently has the slab concept been used for backsplashes, which are usually tile or several units items combined. But having one seamless backsplash, especially in a shade or similar type of stone to the rest of the kitchen, can really cause some visual appeal.  
  • More organic touches. The emphasis on stone also can be seen in other ways, including more natural items like wood, glass or metal, vs. plastic. These can be seen in serving bowls and cooking tools. It looks good, they’re usually more durable, and also have a sustainable/eco-friendly vibe.

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