Top Interior Design Blogs

If you are thinking about updating or remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, one of the key first steps is to come up with a design plan. There are so many different choices, from the common and ordinary to glamorous and extravagant. For most of us, however, we probably want something in between, not too outrageous but not a cookie cutter version of the entire neighborhood.

If you are looking for some remodeling ideas, interior design blogs can be a great source of ideas. They can also have a wealth of advice, from what to look for to what common mistakes to avoid. While many of these blogs are from remodelers and designers serving particular areas around the country, once you get past the sales promotion, their thoughts and ideas can help point you in the right direction. Here are some of the top interior design blogs to help you get started on your remodeling project.


This blog by Ken Kelly is based out of Long Island. Their extensive site not only has a wealth of ideas and information, but they also help you with a checklist of how to choose a designer if you need professional help. Their “Create the Look” section also offers an impressive gallery to help you see how different cabinets give a different feel to a room.


Of course, home and Garden TV specializes in design remodeling and doing it yourself, so it is only logical that their site would have a wealth of information to help you along in the design process. It is easy to navigate, with different rooms having their own sections, so you can focus on one room at a time, or look at how your plans can fit into your overall home design. As an offshoot of a TV network, there are also plenty of videos to help you along.

Kitchen Design Think Tank

If you are looking for the newest trends in kitchens, this blog is on the cutting edge of what is going on in kitchen design. If you want a kitchen that is as modern or artistic as it is functional, this will be a great source of inspiration.

Douglah Designs

Working out of the Bay Area of San Francisco, this company has over 15 years of experience in design, with a focus on kitchens and baths. Their site has a wealth of ideas and photos, and their designs feature traditional and classic looks, as well as modern and even quirky design schemes. As one example, see how old apple crates were turned into custom kitchen cabinetry. While these sorts of ideas may not be for everyone, they certainly do get the creative juices flowing.

Bob Vila

One of the more famous names in home remodeling on TV, Bob Vila also has a blog full of ideas for your kitchen and baths, along with virtually every other space in or around your home. His blog is full of tips on what to do and what to avoid, as well as an extensive how-to section. He also takes on challenging projects, demonstrating how to get the most out of problem spaces. In addition to remodeling, he also demonstrates how small changes in something as simple as décor can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room.

These are just a few of the useful and inspiring resources to be found around the web. Blogs are a wonderful way for businesses and designers to showcase their products and services. But they also function extremely well as an online journal for the do-it-yourselfer. There are many blogs chronicling a single project that show some of the challenges and pitfalls along the way. So, before you start your remodeling project, hit the web first for some help with design ideas.

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