Kitchen Countertops Buying Guide

different kitchen countertop options

If you are looking for kitchen and bath remodeling, Phoenix’s own, Diamond Kitchen and Bath can help you with your project. We specialize in kitchen remodeling. Scottsdale, Mesa, and the Phoenix valley can attest to our great work, and we’d love for you to put us to work! We know that for some people the kitchen is the most important part of the house. Planning every detail of the kitchen is extremely important. That being said, the countertops are extremely important because it is where you prepare and serve food. Here is some advice about buying countertops that will make the buying process a lot easier.

Match Your Countertops to Your Style

When buying your countertops, make sure they match your personal style and the style of the kitchen. How do you want the kitchen to look, what textures do you want to use, what shades do you want to see and how do you want it to feel? Some people want their cabinets to stay warm; other people want it to be cool when they touch it. Consider if you want a counter with built-in appliances like the sink. This look tends to be extremely popular for modern kitchens.

Buying countertops with extremely vibrant colors are also ultra-modern. Colors brown, green, and beige tend to be the proper colors for a kitchen that is more of a classic style. Also, consider how thick or thin you want your countertops to be. Consider what type of overhang you want. A lot of people forget about the edge options but you need to take into consideration if you want round, pointed, or square corners.

Tiny details like this should be worked out during the buying process because it can make a big difference in the average cost of your kitchen remodel. For kitchen design in Phoenix, AZ, visit your nearest Diamond Kitchen and Bath showroom to let our sales and design team help you out with your design!

Mix Up Countertop Material

Try to mix up the material of the countertops to the different uses of a kitchen. You should choose a material that is easy to clean if you’re going to be cooking in the kitchen a lot or if you have children that will be eating on the island. Some people may be confused about the materials they want to use, but it is ok to use more than one. A lot of people who professionally design kitchens say that buying countertops with a variety of materials is the best way to build a fully functional and ideal kitchen. Choosing to buy a counter really depends on the space you have and your needs. An example would be buying a butcher block island that is ideal for chopping or buying a stone-topped counter that is ideal for a baking center.

Know Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Another thing you also need to consider when buying countertops are your budget. Anyone looking to buy countertops needs to establish a set budget, and understand the average cost of a kitchen remodel. Designing a kitchen can be expensive and buying a countertop can be as well. Not having a set budget can allow you to change styles or buy styles you really can’t afford. There are tiles that won’t cost you a lot, but there are other materials such as marble that are very expensive. It’s important to set a budget and keep to it. For kitchen remodels, Phoenix trusts Diamond Kitchen and Bath. Here, you will find incredible prices on beautiful countertop options like granite, quartz, solid surface, and laminate.

Hire a Professional to Do All the Measurements

Always bring in a professional to do all of the measurements of your kitchen before buying your countertops. Don’t cut corners by measuring your kitchen dimensions yourself. Many people think they can do renovations themselves, but it often ends in disaster. The designer will include the sink and other cutouts into the countertop plans. At Diamond Kitchen and Bath, you will be at ease knowing that our staff will be in charge of your job from start to finish. We are experts in the field of kitchen and bath design. Phoenix locals hire us for all or part of their projects, and you can too! We’ll do it with the absolute lowest prices in town.