Kitchen Remodeling Project? Learn a Little Bit About Color Matching

The kitchen is one of the areas of the home that people remodel the most. It is said that when someone remodels their kitchen, they spend up to $30,000 getting their cabinets and countertops exactly how they want them (Visit your local Diamond Kitchen and Bath showroom and we will show you how to cut that price in half!!). Renovations are so important because you have to live with your remodeling choices. Color matching may be a tad more complicated than you thought. If you’re starting a kitchen remodel, Phoenix’s own, Diamond Kitchen and Bath can help!

When selecting colors for your kitchen, you need to take into consideration the lighting style, flooring, backsplash and material type all play a big role in a color match.


Lighting is an important part of choosing the right colors for your countertops and cabinets. If your kitchen has hanging lights then usually the focal point of the room is where that light is shining down on, which is usually the countertop. This technique is called a tracking light. If you have a direct light over your countertops, then dark countertops are the way you want to go. If you want countertops that are lightly colored then you want to consider removing an overhead light. The color of the cabinets due to light tracking really depends on what you want. If you want to draw attention away from a focal point then make the cabinets match the countertop exactly. This way, people will look at the entire kitchen instead of just one place on the countertop.


Flooring is another important part of color matching your kitchen. Color matching your flooring with the rest of the kitchen depends on the type of kitchen you’re trying to build. The best thing to do is match the cabinets with the flooring and that will set the cabinets apart. For example, painting the floor a gray slate with bits of brown and green throughout will work with a cabinet color that focuses on the brown tones of the floor. However, using a neutral color like green marble or granite throughout the entire floor will blend all colors in the entire kitchen. Color matching your kitchen is completely based on what you want to pop.


Countertops are usually set up against the backsplash. When color matching your kitchen you have to consider the splashed material that is on your cabinet and countertop selection. However, the same general rules of color matching and contrasting apply to color the backsplash. If you have a wide-open kitchen, the cabinets are more visible than the countertops. If this is your type of kitchen then consider matching the cabinet with the color of the backsplash. If your kitchen is smaller, the countertops are more visible so you need to match the backsplash with the countertop colors. The backsplash is great for high lighting your kitchen so, it should always match what part of the room stands out the most.

Material Type

Material type plays a role in the color scheme based on what type of look you want for your kitchen. For example, do you want a modern, contemporary or rustic look? If your floor is a natural stone color then you should consider stainless copper or zinc in your countertops and wood cabinets. Wood cabinets or look-alike material match well with an array of different colors and materials used on the floor and on the countertops. Natural materials like stone and wood-look their greatest in a natural state. Only wood needs a little stain. Keep in mind however that when you use composites they can be painted or covered up to show a large variety of custom finishes and brilliant color schemes.

Color matching your kitchen can be a big deal. Remodeling projects are supposed to hold up for a long time so, you want to make sure you paint your kitchen with matching colors that you can be happy and proud of for years to come. At our kitchen design centers in Phoenix, AZ, we specialize in all areas of the kitchen. From color matching to custom cabinets, Phoenix trusts us to do the job right. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, Mesa, or the Phoenix area, come see us. Visit your local Diamond Kitchen cabinet outlet in Phoenix today!