Best Types of Cabinets for Your Kitchen

While kitchen cabinets have come a long way over the past several generations, one thing has remained constant —the warm touch of wood is many people’s first choice for their kitchens. We should know! Diamond Kitchen and Bath is Arizona’s leading seller of cabinetry. From custom cabinetry in Phoenix to discount cabinets in Mesa, we sell all over the valley and have a wonderful selection. Why is wood so popular in a kitchen? Versatility, beauty, and tons of choices.


No matter what color scheme you want in your kitchen, you can find a complementary wood to show it off.

  • Rich cherry wood is a sophisticated and popular combination with white quartz or marble countertops — and it darkens with age and exposure to sunlight, giving you a more dramatic look as the years go by.
  • By contrast, such woods as knotty alder lighten as they age, going from a honey tone to a blond shade that injects its own bright tones to a small space.
  • Golden pine creates a “cabin” ambiance that can make you feel “on vacation” all year ‘round!
  • Hard maple can be a great match with everything from Colonial or French Provincial to modern contemporary approaches. Its naturally smooth texture and creamy-white hue is an ideal foundation for everything from bright blue or white paint to mahogany stain.
  • Red oak cabinets are a perennial favorite, with a smooth grain finish that mixes and matches as well with stainless steel as with farmhouse porcelain, and white oak’s refined appearance is perfect for custom-made details.


Wood cabinets are both strong and supple: you can refresh their look as simple as changing out handles and drawer pulls, or update them with new “faces” that allow you to keep the majority of the cabinet intact. They’re also simple to maintain: once you’ve painted or stained and properly sealed wood cabinets, they shouldn’t warp even in humid climates, and a well-done finish is easy to clean with basic soap and water. (Specific wood soaps are always an option, but they’re not mandatory.)

Modern kitchen designs offer a trademark “uncluttered” look in which wood cabinetry plays an additional key role: it “hides” utilitarian equipment or appliances. You’ll find many a dishwasher tucked behind a wooden pseudo-cabinet door, with no one the wiser. Wood’s “neutral” character makes it a chameleon, too. A dramatic color or mood change in your kitchen is as easy as bringing in new curtains, towels, and other accessories without altering your cabinetry in any way. Because wood is a natural element, it tends to serve as a great backdrop for all the colors of the rainbow.


Wood kitchen cabinets can be as pricey or as budget-friendly as you choose. For example, in modest starter homes, you will often find cabinets with hardwood veneers over plywood, fiberboard, or particleboard. These cabinets will stand up well with care for years and years, and no one needs to know that the cabinets are actually frugal! Even when you upgrade or remodel your kitchen, you have ample choices that won’t break the budget. Opt for a modest alternative such as birch…or use ash with a sleek contemporary finish for a whole new feel in a traditional kitchen.

Of course, premium hardwoods such as white oak, hickory, and cherry are worth every bit of their cost in terms of elegance and strength. But on the other hand, a softer wood finished with a high-pressure laminate or thermofoil (vinyl coating) will show off the wood’s natural grain at the same time it protects against chipping, staining, and other damage; it’s a great choice for a growing family. Professionally finished, these laminates and thermofoils give you easy-care surfaces that keep their freshness even better than new paint!


Painted cabinet doors in custom hues; storage units with natural grains, knots, and “imperfections” made into assets; eat-in islands with shelving that reflects a warm glow–they all start with the solid natural appeal that only wood consistently offers. It’s no wonder that when it comes time to design a dream kitchen people find that wood “speaks their language” with elegant patinas and classic looks that no synthetic material can match.


Many people don’t have the know-how to install wood cabinetry on their own, and that’s okay—it’s no easy task. Luckily, Diamond Kitchen and Bath has been professionally designing and installing kitchens for 28 years and can help you with all of your wooden cabinetry needs. So, the best way to get started designing and installing your new wood cabinetry is to visit one of Diamond Kitchen and Bath’s locations throughout the valley or give them a call.