Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. In most kitchens, cabinets take up a majority of the wall space in the kitchen, besides being one of the most used functional features in the room. So, you probably spend a lot of time looking at the finishes in your kitchen. If you are building a new home or are remodeling your current kitchen, you may be thinking about the look and feel of solid wood cabinets. If so, you have a wide variety of wood choices for your new kitchen cabinets.

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Solid wood has a traditional look that is hard to beat. Also, the quality of a solid wood cabinet is usually far superior to most of the mass-produced, processed substitutes. The warm aesthetic look and solid feel of wood cabinets can add richness and beauty to your kitchen design. Even if you just go with wood doors, drawer fronts, and face frames on your new cabinets, you will still be taking your design to the next level.

However, these cabinets can be a bit pricier than stock modular units, so you want to be sure to pick a wood that you can be comfortable with for many years to come. What are some of your more popular options?


The grain in maple wood is usually a tight, even grain. It also tends to be more uniform, which will give your cabinets a smoother and more consistent look. Also, maple is one of the harder woods, which makes it useful for such things as bowling lanes, bowling pins, and butcher blocks. So choosing maple will give you a rich, beautiful, and extremely durable finish.

Maple kitchen cabinets


Cherry has always been a popular choice in home décor. Since it isn’t quite as hard as maple, it is often used in places where carving and decoration are important. Too, cherry wood will darken over time, especially with exposure to sunlight. While the grain is still pretty tight, there are often unusual swirls and streaks that add a lot of character. Choosing cherry cabinets will give a deep, rich color and beauty to your new kitchen, as well as add a traditional touch if that is what your decorating scheme is going for.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Oak is extremely abundant in America, making it one of the most popular and most commonly used hardwoods. Oak is the hardest of the hardwoods, and also fairly heavy, so choosing this wood will give you a strong, substantial feel to your new kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen gets heavy traffic, this wood is hard to beat. All wood has a grain pattern, but oak is the most distinctive. This means that care must be taken when selecting pieces to make sure that you match the grain and color, but it also means that you get the widest variety of patterns, which can lead to a very unique look in your kitchen.

Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Like oak, hickory also has a very distinctive grain pattern. Rather than moving in streaks or in regular waves, the grain in hickory tends to be more flowing, often creating distinctive shapes and patterns, even in a single piece of wood. Because it is less regular and more free-flowing, hickory has a more rustic look and feel than most other woods, making it ideal for a kitchen design that is aiming for that look.

Hickory Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Birch has a more subtle and delicate feel than the other wood choices listed above, while still retaining the strength that everyday use requires. If you are looking for a warmer, softer, and cozier feeling in your design, birch may be the best choice. The grain has a subtle flow to it, so it isn’t overpowering and doesn’t attract as much attention as some of the other patterns, but still has a quiet, understated beauty that is very appealing.

Birch Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is where you and your family spend a lot of time, so choosing a wood that reflects the look and feels that best reflects your particular family can do wonders to the design for your new dream kitchen.