Appetizing Colors for My Kitchen Cabinets and Walls

Most of us know the difference between warm and cool colors, but many also think only certain shades work (or are “allowed”) when it comes to kitchen colorations. We’re all familiar with the all-white kitchen, even in its many variations from cream to French vanilla and sandy or pearl shades. But if you love the vibrant color, that love doesn’t have to be put on hold at the kitchen door. From cabinetry to backsplashes, floor finishes, and wall colors, a visit to a Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc. can open your eyes to more kitchen possibilities than you might imagine—and make your kitchen a truly “appetizing” place to be.


Restaurant designers already know that the color red is considered to be an appetite stimulant—not surprising, as it is a generally stimulating shade overall. The key to working with reds of any kind, from terra cotta to cherry, strawberry, or tomato, is a balance. A deep wine-red backsplash coupled with ebony cabinetry and white granite or quartz is a contemporary look that conveys sophistication in both palette and palate!

Looking for other red possibilities? A patterned backsplash in subtle tomato and cream played off cabinetry that holds a touch of red such as a cherry or red oak, makes a kitchen warm and inviting without going into “scarlet overload.” Cranberry cabinets work fabulously with rustic wood flooring and walls, while red appliances fit beautifully in a dark chocolate cabinet scheme. Since red is a strong focal point, it’s wise to use just one shade of it for large areas; for small tile accents or drawer pulls, a red floral or geometric pattern is refreshing without being too active.


From hunter, emerald, and lime to steel, navy, and berry tones, blues and greens bring touches of the outdoors to our interior décor as few other shades can do. Deep green flooring imparts a “cabin” feel to a rustic wood kitchen and shows off the gleam of stainless steel with impeccable style. Lime green is popular in everything from small appliances to backsplashes; you’ll want to balance this vivid shade with neutral cabinetry and flooring. Apple-green is delicious accenting walls, while green-and-white gingham conveys a country-kitchen atmosphere that’s both soothing and refreshing.

Blue is also equally comfortable as a neutral, especially in its silvery or gray incarnations. Deep navy or royal blue is already a wardrobe basic, and it carries into kitchen curtain prints with aplomb. Paired with pure white, blues and greens pop—but used as subtle background hues, they add richness to ebony or mahogany cabinets and impart a touch of ambient warmth to granite and concrete.


For some of us, even bright reds, eye-popping greens, or electric blues don’t completely express what we want to look at every day in our homes. If you’re one of those people, take heart: colors that used to be verboten in kitchen décor are now not only allowed but flourishing in contemporary home design. What are some of these?

Black, for one. Yes, black is always “the new black” in your wardrobe, but now it’s also a cutting-edge feature of kitchens, too. You’ll see it everywhere, from black-and-white tile flooring to black cabinets with brushed-metal handles, pulls, or accents. Even stainless steel countertops show up in some black kitchens, presenting an “industrial” theme that’s both chic and classy.

Into pink? You can have it in your kitchen, too, from candy-pink and white to blazing hot pink and cream. Terrific for “retro” kitchens, pink pairs well with dove gray, pearl, or sandy tones. Gentler pinks such as coral, salmon, or peach work with dark cabinets much the same way a red does—but with the added dollop of a young, hip “vibe.” So if you love the décor in your local ice cream parlor, now you can bring it home—complete with white granite, quartz, or marble counters and black wrought-iron tables and chairs.

Finally, you may not want to see a purple cow—but you can certainly have purple in your kitchen! From lilac to burgundy, purples can serve as neutrals in their own right or be the stars of your show. Think of purple cabinets with subtle gray flooring; for a large kitchen with lots of light, injecting a bit of umber or black with deep purple brings walls closer and makes the surroundings intimate. Complement your purple with icy bluish-white, subtle gold, or deep tangerine and you’ll gather compliments as well.


A great kitchen produces terrific nourishment on many levels, and nurturing your mood with a dream color scheme is easier than you might think. We, here at Diamond Kitchen and Bath have been professional Kitchen Cabinet retailers in the Arizona Valley for 29 years. We can help you plan your project, and even complete the installation. So, let us take care of your next Kitchen Remodel, and don’t be afraid to get colorful!