Laundry Room Cabinets Ideas & More!

Old-fashined laundry room with a rustic cabinet and rug on the floor

Are you tired of your laundry room looking like a mess? Maybe it’s just a utility room that you don’t pay much attention to. Or maybe it’s the pit of despair with a huge pile of laundry stacked up and not enough space to move around in.

A lot of people neglect their laundry space. It’s just a utility workspace. They concentrate their decorating time on other areas of the home. The truth is that a great laundry room organization system will make your space more useful and actually pleasant to be in. Don’t you want to use all of the space in your home so that it’s warm, inviting, and a place where you like to spend time?

Building Your Laundry Room Organization System

The way that you design your laundry room will depend on the area of the house and the amount of space you have. A laundry room with open shelves isn’t pleasant to look at, making it difficult to do laundry in the area. It also might mean a lot of wasted space. With great cabinets, drawer space, and surface areas, you can create a room that’s both useful and attractive.

Here are some great ideas that can help you organize and design your ideal space:

  • Overhead Cabinets. Overhead cabinets can be an excellent way to keep the necessary items stored without cluttering your vision. They can be customized to fit your design and taste. They also give you space to store things that you want out of reach of children and pets, such as detergents and cleaning products.
  • Surface Space. If you have the room, a large surface space is an excellent idea to help you fold larger items, like fitted sheets. It also gives you a surface to work from, to accomplish all of your laundry tasks in one area. Fold, iron, and hang clothes in this room so that they can easily be put away. Do away with the common problem of family members leaving clean clothes in baskets and piles, only to wind up back in the wash.
  • Hanging Rods. If you have room in your mud porch or laundry area, a hanging rod is an excellent idea. This gives you a way to immediately hang items out of the dryer to cut down on the need for ironing later. It also gives you a way to organize your clothes before bringing them to the closets where they belong.
  • Under Counter Hamper Space. Counters can be built with cut-out areas so that hampers can be stored underneath. You can organize different hampers for various colors or wash cycles so that your laundry is always organized, load by load. As a benefit, this system keeps dirty clothes out of eyeshot until you have time to wash them.
  • Drying Rack. Many items, such as sweaters, need to be laid flat to dry. Having an area in your laundry room to place these items while they’re drying is an ideal solution so that you don’t damage them by hanging damp or putting them into drawers before they’re completely dry.
laundry room organization

Considering Laundry Room Cabinets in Phoenix?

Upgrading your laundry room gives you a beautiful and useful space. For most homeowners, the laundry room can also serve as extra storage in their home. Kitchen appliances and essentials that you don’t normally use can be stored here, out of sight. Depending on the amount of space you have in the room, you can accommodate all sorts of overflow from other areas in your home.

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