Can You Install a Farmhouse Sink in an Existing Countertop?

farmhouse sink in modern kitchen

A farmhouse sink is deeper and wider than ordinary sinks and practical for families who don’t have a dishwasher. Because they can hold more dishes, it can make the kitchen a little easier to organize after a big meal. They’re also a design statement for your home, which can go a long way toward improving your resale value. Plus, they’re not just made for farmhouse-style homes — they can look great in anything from minimalist to modern homes.

‘Can you install a farmhouse sink in an existing countertop?’ is a common question, one with the short answer of ‘yes’. If you’re looking for more specifics, we’ll cover more details about everything from installation to costs to obstacles that might get in the way.

Common Types of Farmhouse Sinks

Before starting the installation, you’ll need to pick a sink first:

  • Drop-in: Drop-ins are fairly easy to install and just require enough space to lower the sink.
  • Undermount: These sinks are covered on three sides and fitted from below. They sit under the counter and require a waterproof top that’s cut for the sink and faucet.
  • Flush-mount: This is fitted flush to the existing structures, making the entire counter level. Yet even flush sinks may still poke out a little into the countertop.

Things to Keep in Mind When Installing a Farmhouse In a Countertop

Here are a few things to remember before you get started:

  • Some farmhouse sinks can weigh 300 pounds when full of water. Not all cabinets can support this without reinforcement.
  • Cabinet makers may be able to help with the framing of the sink, especially if you’ll need to remove part of the cabinet to install.
  • Measurements are of paramount importance here, particularly front-to-back. The average farmhouse sink is 40″ long and can be up to 10″ deep.

When you’re cutting a countertop for a farmhouse sink, you need to be precise. The wrong cuts can result in having to redo the cabinets altogether.

Can You Install a Farmhouse Sink in an Existing Granite Countertop?

If you’re wondering how to install a farmhouse sink into granite, you might be a little nervous to work with such a hard and expensive material. Yet while granite countertops may be a little more difficult to work with, it is possible. You will need to cut into the granite with a saw (e.g., cement, tile, etc.), but the process is fairly similar to other types of countertops.

  1. Cut off the water supply and disconnect water lines by loosening nuts under the sink.
  2. Remove silicone with a knife to detach the old sink.
  3. Pry open the countertop with a screwdriver until you have enough space to move the sink.
  4. Saw granite and cabinet based on dimensions of the sink.
  5. Cut and install a new cabinet top using a reciprocating saw.
  6. Use plywood to support the new sink
  7. Install the new sink and connect plumbing pipes.
  8. Use caulking to create a seal between the granite and the sink.

The good news is that installing a farmhouse sink in granite isn’t necessarily expensive. Doing it yourself can cost as little as $500. Though it’s worth noting a high-end version with more cuts could run you closer to $2,000.

Farmhouse sinks can be a decorative and smart addition to any number of homes, though it will be a project to install. Whether you consider yourself ‘handy’ or not, it’s likely to be an option for your kitchen.

Ask a Professional

Installing your own sink into an existing countertop is no small task. Talk to a professional kitchen design and remodeling expert at Diamond Kitchen & Bath in the Phoenix area to get more information about your options. We’ve been helping Phoenix homeowners get their dream kitchens for more than 35 years!