5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

bathroom countertop

Is your bathroom looking tired? A little peaky? A little drab? Most of us know when our bathrooms really need an update or at least a refresher. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to take a lot of hard-earned dollars to accomplish, either — not if you take the time to consult with experts such as those at Diamond Kitchen and Bath. Their design professionals can bring in cabinetry and finishes that can do double-duty and look beautiful, from stock offerings to semi-custom arrangements; as a bonus, these possibilities don’t mean tearing up a bathroom indefinitely or having to wait for customized details to be completed.

While you’re waiting for your new cabinetry to arrive, however, don’t neglect other simple ways to make your bathroom look brand new…before it is! Here are just a few:


This is a step you should do often anyway — but, realistically speaking, we know how it goes. You stash your toiletries in their places, you put your toothbrush in its holder…and you forget about a lot of it until it’s cluttered and/or overcrowded. But an overcrowded medicine cabinet is not just unsightly; it can also be unhealthy. So take some time to weed through all those little bottles and tubes, getting rid of expired medicines, prescriptions, and half-bottles of things you tried once or twice that “didn’t work.”

When you’re done weeding out (and disposing of the items properly), give everything a good scrub. Clean the corners, nooks, crannies, and cubbyholes. Clean the tile grout, demineralize the shower walls, and polish mirrors with a little vinegar and newspaper. You might be amazed how much better the bath looks from this alone — and it’s a cinch you’ll suddenly find yourself with more storage space!


One of the first things that can pep up any space for minimal dollars is a fresh coat of paint. Take a look at the decorating magazines for the “colors of the year” — in different years, they range from a deep wine shade to white and cream variations and blues and grays to green, which is the color family choice for 2015. From grass green to what one source calls “deep forest,” all the DIY stores and paint centers will feature this palette, plus the complementary shades of peachy pink, blues, and grays that go well with it.

Other possibilities for renewing wall décor include colorful tile accents or borders around mirrors or showers…PVC beadboard panels (waterproof for easy care!) in shades of white or blue…vintage catalog pages applied as a collage-like normal wallpaper, then sealed with polyurethane…and the simple, yet instantly cheerful, the effect of new shower curtains, fluffy towels, and bathroom rug. Just getting rid of faded, torn, or worn-out bath linens in favor of bright new ones can make you feel like you’re in a new space.


Often, updated fixtures make a world of difference. Consider switching out faucets, cabinet knobs, and/or showerheads; resurfacing a vintage tub, or installing a new tub and shower enclosure, which can also be part of this, and make your bath look transformed in the space of less than a day. In the case of new faucets or showerheads, there’s an added bonus: newer models are more efficient, conserving both water and cash!

4. Consult Bathroom Design Specialists

We think about lighting all the time when it comes to kitchens and other workspaces, but good lighting’s just as crucial — if not more so — in the bathroom. Consider sconces on either side of the mirror: they cast fewer shadows, which makes the light more flattering, and they’re not as glaring as over-the-mirror strips or overhead lights. Don’t forget the value of color and nuance here, too: light bulbs come in all variations of tone now, from “daylight” or “natural light” to the unabashed flattery of pale pink. Experiment with which light looks most natural, as well as which one just plain makes you feel good.


As we said in the beginning, one of the specialties of our pros at Diamond Kitchen and Bath is making YOUR kitchen or bathroom dreams come true — and within your budget, too. Don’t be afraid to challenge our designers: they love coming up with creative ideas that will put YOUR bath on the “upswing” of style and make you smile every time you see it!