(Almost) Bulletproof: Your Kitchen’s Stainless Steel Sink

At Diamond Kitchen and Bath, we know about kitchen remodels. Phoenix locals have trusted us with their kitchens for nearly 30 years. We know that it can be tough to plan a kitchen that’s impervious to it all — toddler fingerprints, teenage parties, active-family spills, and chills. But, if you’ve got one of those tough-as-nails kitchens, chances are one of its key features is a stainless steel sink. The look of stainless steel is timeless, complementing a host of décor possibilities from gleaming pine to thermofoil and cherry to quartz. These sinks are an outstanding choice for clean, minimalist, visual appeal, and they’re easy to work with within virtually any kitchen style or setup. Here are some reasons why.


Keeping in mind that, as with everything, you’ll find a wide price range — and you can certainly go for the premium version of anything if you decide to — you’ll still find many affordable options in stainless steel sinks compared to other materials such as porcelain, granite, or cast iron. And, because stainless steel sinks are hardy, you don’t need to replace them as often as sinks of other materials, giving you not only an economical choice short-term but one that continues to pay off down the road.


Stainless steel has already earned its stripes as one of the most durable materials out there; it won’t chip, crack, fade, or stain (hence the “stainless” tag it’s worn for so many generations). Under normal use, it won’t rust and is resistant to corrosion as well, all while providing you a choice of finishes from high-shine to a subtle satin. The thicker the gauge, the more resistance the sink will have to dents and other “dings” — so once you’ve selected that sink, be prepared to love it for a long time!


Stainless steel is amazingly flexible: its properties allow larger, deeper bowls and shapes not easily attainable with cast iron. A stainless steel sink can be mounted in a variety of ways, making it versatile enough to use with any kitchen design. And yes, although it’s true that you’re limited to one color in a stainless steel sink, it’s amazing the effect the finish has on what’s around it.

Even traditional kitchens often have cabinets accented with stainless steel inserts or inlays, played off against wood, for a stunningly chic appearance. A stainless steel sink is a décor chameleon: it both fades into the background as a neutral and enhances and reflects the colors around it. And, unlike many trendy colors or tones that can date your kitchen, stainless steel sinks never go out of style.


Stainless steel sinks are easy-care. With an ordinary household cleaner and a soft cloth, the surface maintains its luster for years. Because stainless steel sinks aren’t harmed by most everyday household chemicals, they’re terrific for use all over your home — not just in kitchens but in baths, laundry rooms, and utility or gardening rooms.

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Interestingly enough, for a material that’s this durable and dependable, stainless steel is surprisingly “soft”. It’s a shock absorber that helps cushion glass and ceramics against breakage. That’s a great “insurance policy” when the younger members of your family take turns washing dishes! And if you love peace and quiet, you’re in luck with stainless steel, too. Unlike early versions that tended to be noisier than porcelain or cast iron, newer stainless steel sinks are built thicker (16- or 18-gauges aren’t uncommon) and offer sound-absorbing coatings that render these sinks far less “rattly” than their predecessors.

Finally, stainless steel sinks are even on the “cutting edge” of environmentally-conscious home designs as well. Since stainless steel doesn’t degrade or lose its properties in the recycling process, it’s a terrific green material for building a dream kitchen that is kind to the world that surrounds it.


So if you’ve been dreaming about a stainless steel sink but wondering if it will work for you, take a look at some of the many options out there. These sinks can fit in almost any décor with grace and style, and they’ll make your kitchen shine for years to come. At Diamond Kitchen and Bath you will find a variety of options for high-quality stainless steel sinks at the LOWEST PRICES anywhere! Still searching for “kitchen showrooms near me”? Click here to find your local Diamond Kitchen and Bath location.