Stainless Steel Sink Care and Cleaning

How to Care for and Keep Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Clean

Maintaining the appearance of your stainless steel kitchen sink requires regular care and cleaning. At Diamond Kitchen and Bath, we recommend using the following tips and suggestions:

  • Always wipe out the sink and dry it using a soft cloth to prevent water stains in the sink.
  • Detail clean the kitchen sink once a week using an approved cleaning product.
  • Never use metal brushes, steel wool, scrubbing sponges, or other abrasive items to clean the sink. These will leave scratches in the stainless steel.
  • Use an approved stainless steel polish every week for a great-looking finish. Apply the polish using a soft cloth and buff it into the grain of the finish.
  • Do not use the same kitchen sink cleaners and polish on non-stainless steel faucets and spray nozzles.
  • Never use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach on stainless steel. These can cause corrosion and destroy the finish.

Know Your Water Type

When selecting cleaning products and polishes for your stainless steel sink, you do need to know if you have hard or soft water. Hard water has minerals and calcium in it. These can leave a white film and white water stains in the sink. As such, you want to choose stainless steel cleaners and polishes that are designed for hard water.

Bonus Use and Care Tip

Stainless steel sinks can and will develop minor scratches from everyday use. This is normal. However, with regular cleaning and polishing, the scratches will blend together to create their own unique finish.

For more stainless steel care and cleaning tips, assistance selecting cleaning products, kitchen sink replacement, or kitchen remodeling, please feel free to contact Diamond Kitchen and Bath today!