7 Secrets for a Super Organized Kitchen

organized kitchen drawers with drawer dividers

Sick of having to drop everything in the middle of a meal or hosting an event because you can’t find that one dish or that specific spice? Even worse, you know where said item is but are unable to access it without causing an avalanche of pots and pans. Thankfully, there is a remedy for both of these situations along with other havoc-rendering occurrences in your kitchen. It’s called ‘organization’.

That’s right, here are 7 secret organization tips to transform your kitchen into a super-organized space where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. 

1.) File Vertically

Instead of stacking your muffin tins, cookie sheets, and bakeware, install vertical slats in cabinets and store them side-by-side vertically for optimal kitchen organization. One glance and you know what you have. No more digging through a pile of cookware to find the right pan or struggling to pull a platter from the bottom of the pile.

2.) Add Turntables to Cabinets

Another way to create easy access and organization within your kitchen cabinets is by installing a turntable in your cabinet. This will allow you to spin spices, sauces, dressings, etc around until you find the perfect addition to your meal. No more straining to see those spices jammed into the depths of your cabinet!

3.) Drawer Dividers: Vertical & Otherwise 

Drawer dividers can be used everywhere for everything. This is a great way to keep utensils and other baking tools from piling up on each other and becoming a dangerous mess. Diagonal drawer dividers are great for storing larger utensils like spatulas and ladles so you can easily see what you have and avoid shoving things haphazardly into draws. 

4.) Spice it Up With a Spice Drawer

Another way to store spices and keep them from piling up in your cabinets is to add a spice drawer to your kitchen. Situate the spices label up so you can open the drawer and instantly see what spices you have. No more digging through old, expired spices!

5.) Under Cabinet Hooks

Mugs take up a huge amount of cabinet space, and if one gets pushed towards the back of the cabinet, you could forget you have it all together. Instead of haplessly stacking your favorite mugs on top of each other, which also can cause chips, add hooks under your shelves and hang them by their handles. This can also bring style and personality to your kitchen space!

6.) Hang Up The Cleaning Supplies

For most people, the area under the kitchen sink is a hodgepodge of underutilized space where various items go to disappear. One easy way to organize the deep recesses found under the sink is to install an under sink tote, lifting them up and out of the way and leaving more room to store items on the bottom shelf of the cabinet. 

7.) Label Everything 

Labeling helps you know what you have in a quick glance. Also, if you take ingredients like flour or sugar out of their original container and put them into another uniform container (labeled), it makes it easier to store said ingredients and it looks more aesthetically pleasing than when compared with the original bags. 

Try these 7 tips listed above to create a super-organized kitchen. No longer will your pots, pans, spices, and kitchen utensils be missing in action when you need them most. 

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