6 Simple Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

Compact bathroom with pedestal sink

Between hair tools, hairbrushes, extra towels, toilet paper, makeup, and other bathroom supplies, bathroom storage space is a much-needed piece of real estate. And, if your bathroom has a pedestal sink, you might find you have limited options for storage. So, you might be looking for some pedestal sink storage solutions.

From a pedestal sink organizer to wall-mounted sink storage, there are many storage ideas for small bathrooms with pedestal sinks. Below you’ll learn a few pedestal sink storage ideas for you to consider.

1. Hang Shelves

If you’re having problems with pedestal sink storage, a pedestal sink shelf might provide you with simple access to things you use every day. Shelves are the perfect addition to any bathroom that has a pedestal sink since they offer options of storage more than simply putting things on the floor or below the sink.

Try hanging a glass shelf over your pedestal sink. This will keep things airy and light and the water splashing around won’t ruin it. Above the toilet is the perfect spot for pedestal sink shelves.

2. Add a Cabinet Around Your Pedestal Sink

If you’re looking for under pedestal sink storage ideas, are considering using under sink shelving, and would still like to use that space for other things, try a pedestal sink cabinet for organizing and holding your toiletries and other bathroom items. Just place the cabinet near or under the sink and start solving your clutter problems in your bathroom.

3. Utilize Baskets

Adding plastic or wooden baskets is an easy way of adding more storage to your small bathroom, while also adding a decor feature. You can hang a wicker or wooden basket on a wall, creating more floor space. Plus wooden baskets work in bathrooms of any color. You don’t want to add too many baskets though because it opens it up for more clutter.

4. Put Up a Curtain to Hide the Under-Sink Area

You can use curtains for more than windows. You can use them in your bathroom to hide your under-sink area. Simply pick a curtain that is charming and matches your bathroom’s theme and colors. While decorator fabric is common, you can also use a ready-made shower curtain if in a pinch.

small bathroom with pedestal sink

5. Use Any Flat Surface

Chair rails, window sills, and the toilet tank top all provide ample space for you to put decorative or necessary items. Basically, anything that is several inches deep, you should use it.

6. Get Creative

Some things you can do to be creative with your pedestal sink storage are:

  • Use the top of your toilet: If you have a flat top on your toilet, use it for some pretty open and practical storage.
  • Add furniture: If the layout of your bathroom allows you to add freestanding pieces of furniture, you’re very lucky.
  • Build Up: Use wall space for shelving or cabinets to create storage for your medication and toothpaste. You don’t have to add the shelving over the toilet either, you could hang it just above the towel rack or over the door without it getting in the way.

Once you’ve settled on your pedestal sink storage, consult with our kitchen and bath design consultants at Diamond Kitchen and Bath for more bathroom necessities and ideas. At Diamond Kitchen and Bath, we ensure to every person who walks through our doors that we will do our very best to make your bathroom remodeling dream a reality!

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