Dual Sink Vanities for Your Bathroom

Not every bathroom in the house needs two sinks: your guest powder room, for example, does quite well with a small vanity cabinet and a single sink. There’s no need for lavish amounts of storage since powder rooms don’t hold bath essentials, shampoos, or super-sized towels. Diamond Kitchen and Bath specialize in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, and we know first-hand that for the master bedroom and bath suites, a double-sink vanity is often one of the first things that homeowners specify on their wish lists.

If you’ve never had a double-sink vanity, you’re in for a treat—and one that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg in a bathroom upgrade! Here are a few options you might want to consider:


If all you truly need is the vanity top—for replacements or upgrades when your cabinetry is in good shape—you can pick up some elegant examples of those even in hardware and home stores. Tops come in laminates, marble, and granite, with prices that are easy on the budget. Keep in mind, though, that the top is all you get “out of the box”: you’ll need to supply all the plumbing and install it yourself. This is fine for diehard do-it-yourselfers if what you already have on hand is in good shape and just needs refreshing.

Many of us, however, isn’t that handy or don’t have the time to do things ourselves. In these instances—as well as when you truly need to replace both sinks and vanities for a new look—the help of a kitchen and bath pro is priceless. We can help you get the look you truly want for your bath, with all the upgrades you need, on terms that won’t take every weekend to get done or break the budget!


In any case, we can work with you to pair a modern custom two-basin top with the right furniture base. Diamond Kitchen and Bath can help you plan your project, and give you insights, quotes, and style tips for a look that’s uniquely yours

Retro baths often feature golds, oranges, and bright splashes of pink, perfect with cool white marble or granite; a French Provincial or Colonial bath cabinet look is striking in tones of deep brown, dark red, or even black.

Contemporary baths often feature deep ebony or cherry cabinetry with individual top-mounted deep sinks in pure white porcelain. Sink and fixture varieties are almost endless: squares, oblongs, ovals, circles, even triangles, and shell shapes make appearances in master baths, along with brushed chrome, bronze or pewter handles, faucets, and trim. Have the sinks sunken into the counters or freestanding on top—both claim a bevy of fans.


One additional advantage of having a well-appointed double-sink vanity, with enough elbow room for two people to work side-by-side, is the size of the storage space in the cabinet below. A master bath really needs spaces of all sizes for all bathroom miscellany—which is why pedestal sinks, as attractive as they are, are less practical for master baths. Cabinets allow you to have places to “tuck away” bathroom essentials such as hair dryers, grooming aids, or first aid supplies. This keeps your bathroom a neat, uncluttered, serene place – exactly what you want in a master bath escape at the end of a long day.


If you know you need to refresh or expand your master bath sink area, but you’re not sure which style to choose for it, do some browsing first. Consult online home-remodeling sources, magazines, and catalogs to find which mood “speaks” to you; that’s a great place to start. From there, it’s a matter of finding terrific tops, cabinets, and fixtures to make the double-sink vanity part of your wish list come true.