Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

‘Tis the season to haul out the holly and hang the mistletoe, making your kitchen and baths “merry and bright.” We at Diamond Kitchen and Bath are decking the halls, too, and we’ve found some great decorating ideas for creating that special Christmas spirit all over your house. Here are a few of our favorites:


Does anything provide more instant glamor and romance than candlelight? We think not, and that’s why some of the best kitchen décors come in the form of candles. Line a windowsill with tiny votives in the glass, either pure unscented white or in scents of bayberry, cinnamon, or pine. These will harmonize well with Christmas greens, baking smells, and cooking in general. For the bathroom, you can employ slightly stronger scents: frankincense, vanilla, fig, or florals will give your bath a cozy ambiance as well as freshen the air.

There are many ways to bring the holiday spirit into your kitchen and dining room. One idea is to frame a kitchen window with greens and tiny white lights, either LED or incandescent. Another option is to drape garland over a kitchen pendant light for a festive touch. Another option for adding holiday cheer to your dining room is to use one of the new lighted runners on your table. These runners come in a variety of holiday colors, such as gold, red, and ice blue, and feature lights interspersed in a shimmery fabric. Pair the runner with gold or silver candlesticks, crystal wine glasses, and gleaming white china for a table that will be the talk of the holiday festivities long after they are over.

And don’t forget a great favorite: luminaria. These range from bags, sand, and candles to punched-tin holders surrounding flameless electric “candles.” Open flames, of course, need to be carefully attended to, which is why the flameless battery-powered lights have gained so much popularity. Cool-burning and safe even around children, they can give your home a wonderful air of mystery and magic worry-free.


Get into the holiday spirit with a lighted tree, whether it’s a freshly cut one or a pre-packaged version. You can even have multiple trees throughout the house with table-top trees available from many growers. These smaller trees offer the same authentic feel as their taller counterparts.

Ever thought of a tiny tree in the corner of your guest bath? It’s a delightful surprise for young and old, and when lighted, can even serve as nighttime illumination all by itself. Complement it with garlands along the windowsill, tiny wreaths on doorknobs, branches of holly or pine trimming the edges of a kitchen island. Caught up with red, gold, or tartan ribbon, these greens add both wonderful scent and color from room to room.


What other time of the year lends itself so well to tchotchkes? Every family seems to have some of these little knickknacks tucked away in their “Christmas boxes.” A crèche should have pride of place, of course. Add to it with Yuletide visual treats on kitchen windowsills, bathroom ledges, and along the tops of cabinets. Create your own holiday decorations with hand-cut paper snowflakes. These easy-to-make decorations are suitable for all ages and can be displayed on windows, walls, or mirrors with ease

Now’s the time for the festive towels—they come in designs from blue and silver to red and green—and the soaps in the shape of angels, trees, or stars in guest baths. It’s also the time for your special holiday kitchenware, from Christmas Tree china to seasonally patterned dishtowels, pot holders and hot pads, and placemats, not to mention Santa Claus salt-and-pepper shakers! Decorated mugs with holly-and-ivy patterns make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate taste even better. And don’t forget poinsettias or amaryllis; if you plan just right, your amaryllis will bloom perfectly on Christmas morning and fill your entire kitchen with color.


If all you need are a few more trimmings to make your premises into Candy Cane Lane, then these suggestions can help put the finishing touches on your décor for the season. But if you’re one of the lucky “good girls and boys” for whom Santa has a kitchen or bath upgrade, redo, or remodel on his “list,” come see the “elves” at Diamond Kitchen and Bath. We’re specially equipped with Christmastime magic to make that space everything you’re dreaming of, down to the last sugar plum!