Tips To Create A Simple Workshop in Your Small Garage

Grey wall with many hanging tools in workshop

If you’re like most tinkerers, gadgeteers, and hobbyist carpenters, you know the importance of a designated workspace for your craft. Still, having enough indoor storage for tools and equipment — plus ample space for working — is a luxury many of us don’t have.

Fortunately, there’s the garage.

Even the smallest garages can function as great workshops. You’ve just got to know how to make the most of your space. Here are some small garage workshop ideas to get you started.

Top Tips for Making Your Small Garage Workshop Feel Bigger

Here are 6 space-saving solutions for a garage workshop:

1. Utilize wall space for storage.

When you can’t go out, you must go up!

In other words, while garage floor space is usually in short supply, wall space in the garage is generally abundant. It’s the perfect opportunity for installing versatile slatwalls.

Slatwalls are panels that can be attached to your walls in any arrangement you choose. The horizontal slats on the panels are about three to four inches apart and allow you to install whatever type of storage solution you’re after — from hooks and racks to shelves and bins.

2. Install overhead storage racks.

For large items you don’t need at-the-ready, overhead storage is your best option. Overhead ceiling racks are simple shelves that mount to the ceiling and provide out-of-the-way storage, especially for bigger items.

While you can certainly use this solution to store carpentry materials and other equipment for your workshop, it’s actually a better solution for anything seasonal in your garage. Use the racks to create more space for your shop by putting seasonal decorations and outdoor equipment up there.

3. Consider a foldaway workbench.

If you’re sharing your garage with cars, sports equipment, gardening tools, and other items, a foldaway workbench can help conserve your space.

Wall-mounted versions are your best bet. With these benches, the wall-side of the worktop won’t have legs but will be attached to the wall with hinges. Foldable legs on the other side of the bench can then extend down and lock when you’re ready to work. To put the bench away, simply fold the legs in again and release the worktop down via the hinges so that it hangs parallel with the wall.

4. Enhance the space with additional lighting.

Not only will adding lighting help you more clearly see what you’re doing, but it will also brighten your space and make it feel less dank and musty (as many garages are unfortunately wont to do).

If you have cabinets above your workspace, invest in LED lighting strips, which can be easily attached beneath your cabinets and even connected to a remote clicker so you don’t have to reach down and plug them in each time. Another option is to purchase a work lamp with a multi-joint swing arm (or a few). With these, you can aim your light anywhere you like, and the clampable and mountable varieties won’t even take up precious space on your workbench.

5. Add some creature comforts.

Finally, make sure your space has a comfortable stool where you’ll be at an ideal height in front of your workbench. If you prefer to stand, consider an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat to improve circulation and save your knees and feet.

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