Hot Cabinetry: Our Best Sellers at Diamond Kitchen and Bath

Whether you’re designing a kitchen from the ground up in your new dream home, or refurbishing and refreshing an existing kitchen in the beloved family homestead, you want to be on the cutting edge of style, quality, and durability. And we at Diamond Kitchen and Bath can offer just that with a variety of products from our top three brands: Quality, Kitchen Kompact, and Kraftmaid. Household names? Yep (no pun intended). And here are some of the reasons these “hot” brands are options you’ll want to check out.


“Universal cabinetry” is a term you may hear bandied about but be unsure as to its meaning; it basically means cabinets that are usable at any age and in any situation, with adaptable features that accommodate owners as they age or their health changes. Quality features detachable cabinet fronts in its Geneva2 Starlight design, resulting in workspaces that accommodate wheelchairs and walkers when necessary. The semi-custom approach of Kraftmaid enables you to partially “customize” particular cabinets while being able to use “stock” or pre-manufactured cabinetry for the rest (and save money in the process). Kitchen Kompact works with customers who need differing heights, reinforced corners or drawers, and other specifics that help the cabinets adapt to your needs as time goes on.


…or so it can seem! While technically, kitchen cabinets do have some finite color limitations, you’ll still have a bevy of choices with these three brands. Kraftmaid’s color palette includes a range from arctic white through creams, greens, cool neutrals, blues, reds, warm and rich browns, grays, and black. Quality specializes in lines of elegant wood — cherry, hickory, oak, maple, and birch — as well as laminates in clean white and pastels. And Kitchen Kompact brings the warmth of wood cabinetry to your space with options such as Lite Oak and Mellowood Maple, both ideal complements for kitchens where an airy, bright feel is essential. If you’ve got a dream color in mind for your kitchen, just ask: these manufacturers will work with you to make it happen.


One of the best ways to customize your kitchen without breaking the bank is through the “little things” — handles, pulls, and accessories. Quality offers you a wide variety of finishes and ornaments to express your style, from the crown, dentil, or Shaker moldings and beadboard to rosette or leaf finishes and French legs. Kraftmaid can give you cabinet finishes that range from burnishing to semi-gloss, stains, glazes, and thermofoil…and the proprietary finishing processes from Kompact are guaranteed to stand up to almost anything, from standard wear-and-tear to chemicals including alcohol, acids, and even nail polish.

All of these makers also feature clever storage and additions that customize your kitchen to your taste and needs. Choose from wine racks, spice cabinets, open shelving, butcher-block tops, glass-front cabinet doors, and handles/pulls of any metal from bronze and pewter to burnished copper and chrome. Put your perfect combination of cabinets, brackets, hardware, and colors together with their help, and be amazed at the results.


These three “hot” manufacturers of kitchen and bath cabinets, design, and décor are popular for many reasons: high standards of quality, a commitment to American manufacture and perpetuating American craftsmanship, and selections that harmonize with any home’s interior. Most of all, however, they’re also favorites because they respect your pocketbook. Semi-custom options, less costly accouterments, and efficient timelines mean that buying from any of these “best-sellers” gets you a great “bang for the buck.”

All of this attention to doing things right means YOU save — money, time, and stress. Which is why these three makers lead the pack at Diamond Kitchen and Bath…and why we’re confident that, with their help, your dream kitchen is probably closer, and more affordable, than you think. Stop in and find out!